Free Wi-Fi services in Japan

Public Free Wi-Fi spots in Kyoto city

Kyoto City and its partners provide Free Wi-Fi spots in Kyoto City. You can use these services in Kyoto City around subway stations, convenience stores, restaurants, coffee shops, and shopping malls. You can connect to Internet through smartphone, tablet, and laptop by setting SSID and your SNS account. See the following URLs:

If you are an iOS or Android user, the following applications are recommended becasue you can use Internet in the airport if you install one of the following applications before coming to Japan. These applications automatically connect to Internet when you are in spots.

When you use the above applications, a social account or an e-mail address is required for user registration. Note that an encryption between the access point and personal device is not supported.

Free Wi-Fi services via web order

The following two companies provide Wi-Fi services if you order the services via web page before coming to Japan.

  • Japan Welcome SIM (
    • starting from 0 JPY (128kbps)
    • receive high-speed internet data by watching ads and completing questionnaires
    • pick up your SIM at the airports
    • order via web page
  • Traveltech SIM (
    • 100MB / 6 days free (delivery fee (300 JPY) and refundable deposit (1280 JPY) are required)
    • recharge 100 MB free for every check-in
    • order via web (5 days is needed to deliver)