Competition Awards

Below are the awards of the different competitions of the conference.

Black Box Optimization Competition (BBComp)

  • 1-objective track
    • Winner: Nacim Belkhir
    • 2nd: Danil Shkarupin
    • 3rd: Radka Polakova

Competition 1

  • Expensive 1-objective track
    • Winner: Nacim Belkhir
    • 2nd: Aleksey Vaneev
    • 3rd: Sylvain Mouret
  • 2-objective track/3-objective track
    • Winner: Jpsbook
    • 2nd: Sylvain Mouret
    • 3rd: Jeremy Mange
  • Expensive 2-objective track
    • Winner: Sylvain Mouret
    • 2nd: Jpsbook
    • 3rd: Simon Wessing

Competition on Niching Methods for Multimodal Optimization

  • Winner: Jun-ichi Kushida
  • 2nd: Stef Maree, Tanja Alderliesten, Dirk Thierens, Peter Bosman

Competition 2

General Video Game AI Competition

  • Level generator track
    • Winner: Regine Gorges, Janik Hammerschmitt, Philipp Klöppner, and Tobias Lehnert
    • 2nd: Jordy Ru

Internet of Things: Online Anomaly Detection for Drinking Water Quality

  • Winner: M. Nguyen, A. Hamdani, K. Rajendran
  • 2nd: Fitore Muharremi
  • 3rd: Victor H. A. Ribeiro
  • Competitor: Valerie Fehst

Competition 3

Virtual Creatures

  • Winner: Bert Chan
  • Honorable Mention for Perceptual Animacy: Karine Miras, Evert Haasdijk, Kyrre Glette, A.E. Eiben

Competition 4 2