Humies Awards

Bronze Awards ($1,000)

  • Milan Ceska, Jiri Matyas, Vojtech Mrazek, Lukas Sekanina, Zdenek Vasicek, Tomas Vojnar, Approximating Complex Arithmetic Circuits with Formal Error Guarantees: 32-bit Multipliers Accomplished

Humies 1

  • Emma Hart, Kevin Sim, Barry Gardiner, Kana Kamimura, A Hybrid Method for Feature Construction and Selection to Improve Wind-Damage Prediction in the Forestry Sector

Humies 2

Silver Award ($3,000)

  • Stephen Kelly, Malcolm I. Heywood, Emergent Solutions to High-Dimensional Multi-Task Reinforcement Learning

Humies 3

Gold Award ($5,000)

  • Michael A. Lones, Jane E. Alty, Jeremy Cosgrove, Philippa Duggan-Carter, Stuart Jamieson, Rebecca F. Naylor, Andrew J. Turner, Stephen L. Smith, A New Evolutionary Algorithm-Based Home Monitoring Device for Parkinson’s Dyskinesia

Humies 4